The Process of Change

All of us living in this world are seeking the same thing, we are looking for happiness, everyone in his or her own way.

When we have had enough possibilities to recognize that the happiness from outside does not satisfy us in the long term, our search will change. We sense that there must be another, much deeper happiness possible within us.

To get there a change within us is needed.

Going for Spa treatments is tempting, as it promises a relief from stress and a relaxation. Nevertheless, on a long-term basis, it becomes expensive because its effect is brief.

Happiness is not expensive, is easy and independent of the outer circumstances. Astonished, we have been taught this fact by many of our clients suffering from severe illness.

In order to reach this deeper happiness within us, change is needed.

Change first evokes resistance, because it works against well known and beloved patterns.

This resistance has to be melted (e.g. through the Healing Tao process) or to be broken (Illness, shock e.g.). It has its roots in old thinking patterns as well as in physical structures and neurobiological patterns of the nervous system, caused by strong emotional experiences.

The Healing Tao Process

is a very effective way to dissolve resistance within the body and bring the energies into flow. Thus, everyone lets inner changes happen on different levels and in their own rhythm.

The motivation for this effort to change comes from the immediate effect of these simple exercises: like feeling more at ease, fresh, stronger and the feeling of getting back in touch with ourselves.

These exercises are not about learning skills (e.g. making an exercise right or in a special way), it is about feeling what is happening within our body and thus within our existence.

Thus, the Healing Tao process is suited for everyone, athletic or not, ill or healthy, young or old. Until now, the youngest participant has only been 6 months and the oldest over 90 years old.

What helps everyone is the wish for vitality and unconditional joy.